Our Barking Home

We have carefully chosen our Barking home based on its excellent location, home comfort, and high priority of our clients in this shared accommodation. Every resident has access to local shops and facilities which permits them to enjoy being part of the community. There are great transport links as well as many activities for residents to partake in.

Our activities

Entertainment and recreational pursuits have been identified as important aspects of our work with individuals. We encourage our clients to develop and engage in interesting activities, inside and outside their homes.

Education & Vocational training

We value education and training as it promotes an independent lifestyle.  Clients tell us about their ambitions and aspirations and are encouraged and assisted to access a range of educational and occupational activities in line with them.

Overseas Holidays

We offer you opportunities to go on group or individual holidays to any country as well as planning and budgeting for the trip.

Local Community

Barking provides a lot of opportunities to explore. It has vibrant markets, restaurants, and diverse culture.

Insight into our home

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